Mindful Morning Practice

By Jessica Lin


How we start our mornings affect our entire day, so slow down, and take a moment to set yourself up for a more successful day with a few tips and tricks to be more mindful, peaceful, and stress-free throughout your day.




While still in bed in the morning, place your hands on your belly and breathe deeply so you can feel your belly rise and fall. This is a great practice first thing when you wake up in the morning and right before bed because you can practice while IN BED! Count to 4 as you inhale, hold the breath for 4, exhale for 4. Before bed, lengthen the time of your exhales to help get yourself relaxed and ready for rest.



This is THE most beneficial practice to have in your arsenal for a positive attitude and to bounce back when shit hits the fan. If you're not taking the time to honor what you already have in your life, there's a zero percent chance of what you want to manifest making it's way to you. SO, how do you practice gratitude? My personal favorite: write down 3-5 things you're grateful for each night and re-read them in the morning. *This practice was my first step to where I am now!*  I believe that whatever works for you is the best way to put it into practice: record yourself and listen to it back, take a moment in quiet each night before bed or in the morning to check in with yourself.  Even better in real life, pause and share how thankful you are with the people around you to honor the moment with gratitude.



Be fully present when you brush your teeth each morning and night. No distractions, no phone, no walking around, nothing. Stand up straight with both feet firmly on the floor. Take three deep breaths between prepping your toothbrush and starting the brushing process. When you start to brush bring your awareness to your mouth, what does it feel like to brush each tooth? Pay attention to where your mind wanders, when it does come back to the sensation of brushing your teeth. Each time you practice this something new will come up - it's a beautiful way to bring more mindfulness and presence into your life.


These simple hacks can be easily added into your morning without a large time commitment and are a beautiful way to start adding more mindfulness into your day.


To learn more about Jessica, mindfulness, and meditation head over to her website. You can also follow her on IG @theonlyjessalin. Her first group coaching program of 2020 starts February 14th, for anyone ready to uplevel their life and be their most empowered, confident, and unshakable self. More information here.

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